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Season tickets for home matches of the FK “ Željezničar -Sport Team” within the First League of the Republic of Srpska for the 2018/19 season, at the stadium “Predgrađe”, were put up for sale!

By purchasing season tickets you show your love and loyalty to the club, but you also show the desire to help in the functioning and operation of your and our club. We are aware that with the capacity of our stadium on the Predgrađe we can not expect significant revenue sources by selling tickets and season tickets, but we believe that many have recognized our enthusiasm and effort and that in this way, by purchasing season tickets for season 2018/19, we will participate in work and growth of your and our favorite club.

FK Željezničar Sport Team informs its fans and sympathizers that they relased a season tickets for the performance of our club in the First League of Republika Srpska for the 2018/19 season.

By purchasing this season’s tickets, you help FK Željezničar Sport Team from Banja Luka in a financially and competitive high-demanding season. We believe that many of our friends and sympathizers across Europe will buy a season tickets online as well as last year. In this way they show how much they value and believe in everything we do, and even by not attending any games of the past season. We at the club are very grateful for this kind of support.

The seasonal tickets for the next season are 50 BAM and shopping, as well as more detailed information you can get at:

 – Stadion FK “Željezničara- Sport Team” on the Predgrađe

 – Fields of the OFK Sport Team in Stepa Stepanovića 181A.

For club sympathizers who are unable to personally buy and take their season tickets, we have enabled online shopping through the webshop, as well as payment upon download or payment to the account of the club




Fudbalski klub Željezničar iz Banjaluke osnovan je još davne 1924. godine zbog čega je danas najstariji fudbalski klub u Banjaluci. Momci sa stadiona iz Predgrađa (Lazarevo), pokraj željeznicke pruge, su oduvijek bili junaci svog kraja. Stabilan klub, trenutno igra u Prvoj ligi Republike Srpske.

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